CrimeWAV Returns: Ken Wishnia reads from Red House

This months fiction features excerpts from the first chapters of Kenneth Wishnias new book Red House. Its the fourth book in his badass Filmoena Buscarsela series. After his read, youre going to want to go back and get all of the books in this series.

Kenneth has written a bunch of books and short stories, and he teaches writing, literature and other deviant forms of thought at Suffolk Community College on Long Island. Learn more at his website:

Red House is published by the amazing folks at PM Press, a great publisher here in the Bay Area who’s not afraid to take on any and all comers. We thank them for all they’ve done over the years for authors. I had a great time at their reading last month at Borderlands Books. More books and info about PM Press is here.


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Don’t forget to pick up a copy of IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, which is a Kindle mystery special for the month of April, and will only set you back $1.99. Also, be sure to get As Much Protein as an Egg, set in the Kindle Worlds Vonnegut realm.


Your hosts for this episode are the boys from the Booked. podcast. Check out their website to get over 200 episodes of book talk. While you’re there, click the Booked. Store link in the upper right and enter the code CRIMEWAV to get The Booked. Anthology for $2.99, a $5 savings! Heard!?!

Bonus Content: As Much Protein as an Egg (Prologue)

In the next few weeks, I'll be dropping bonus content from As Much Protein as an Egg into the feed--both as audio and as free text files. I hope you'll enjoy them.

The hottest news of all is that there's a new Jack Palms short story in the works. I hope to be bringing it to you this spring in audio. Stay tuned!

If you haven't already downloaded As Much Protein as an Egg, you can get it for Kindle only here.

Click here to listen to me reading the book's Prologue, which isn't featured in the Kindle version. It's a special bonus just for you guys!

You can also download the Prologue as a free PDF to read on your devices OR as a Free .mobi file for your Kindle right here. That, or just start reading...

“As much protein as an egg” is an expression used on the front of cereal boxes in the year this book was written. It is the property of the Kashi brand company. This use is not meant to imply any relationship, impropriety or connection to the good people at Kashi. They do make a nice breakfast cereal. {Read MORE}

December - Reece Hirsch THE ADVERSARY

Hello and welcome back to the CrimeWAV! This month we've got my fellow Thomas & Mercer author Reece Hirsch reading the first two chapters of his novel THE ADVERSARY. How about that for awesome?

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Believe me, once you hear this start, you're going to want to read the rest of this book. So here's where you can go pick it up on Amazon: in paperback and for Kindle. Oh, turns out you can also buy the audiobook as read by some fancy actor. Hit that here for just north of ten bucks.

Reece Hirsch is a San Francisco man. Like many of his characters, Reece is a lawyer. He's a partner in the San Francisco office of Morgan Lewis specializing in privacy and data security law. Unlike his characters, Reece has never been pursued by the FBI, the CIA, the San Francisco PD or Russian mobsters -- yet.  

THE ADVERSARY is the first book in a series featuring Chris Bruen, a former Department of Justice cybercrimes prosecutor now in private practice helping clients battle hackers and cybercriminals.  (The character was named in honor of Ken Bruen.)  

Reece's first book, THE INSIDER, was a finalist for the Thriller Award for Best First Novel.  

Check out his author website at

November CrimeWAV - Erik Arneson "Mess With Me"

This month Erik Arneson brings his mean mug to the CrimeWAV and adds his tough-guy political story "Mess With Me" to the mix.

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You can find Erik at his blog here:

He's the communications and policy director for Pennsylvania state senator Dominic Pileggi. As far as we know, he has never killed anyone. He's on Twitter at @ErikArneson

This story is read by Scott Detrow, award-winning public radio reporter for KQED in Sacramento. You can find him on Twitter at @ScottDetrow.

"Mess With Me" originally appeared in the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of NEEDLE: A Magazine of Noir.

This month's podcast is once again hosted by our good friend Mark L. Berry. Find him and his books, as well as his free podcast at

CrimeWAV for October: "To the Bone" by Seth Harwood

And... we're BACK! More fiction this month comes from "Yer boy" Seth Harwood himself. He reads his new story "To the Bone" straight from the Booked. Anthology. (Strange punctuation and all!)

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As always, we're pleased as pistols to put this new content right in your ear! Listen UP!

The Booked. Anthology is for sale here and at Amazon. If you buy it from the Booked folks, just use the code "CRIMEWAV" to get 50% off the eBook when you hit that store link in the upper right. Right on!

What else? Special Special: Seth Harwood's new book IN BROAD DAYLIGHT is part of the Kindle 20 for $2 all October here. Go on and get it for just $2 now. Or tell a friend about it. You know what they need to read!

Mark L. Berry is the host again this month, bringing his bodacious baritone and thirst for alliteration to the festivities. You can find out more about him here: and listen to his novel Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun here and at Podiobooks.

Last up: if you're in SF and want to come ROCK this Friday 10/18, come see Harwood throw down at Literary Death Match 300! This show's always a blast and with it being a part of this year's LitQuake--get on that!--it'll be even bigger and better. Be there! 

CrimeWAV for September: Mark L. Berry reads "Shopping Mall Survivor"

This month we bring you Mark L. Berry's story "Shopping Mall Survivor."

Click here to listen now or to download the file. Enjoy the show!

Mark will be back next month and for a few months after to take over some of the hosting duties for the CrimeWAV while I get some ducks in order and write more stories. You're definitely in good hands.

Mark is the author of 13,760 Feet -- My Personal Hole in the Sky, a memoir that's available now on Amazon. This is the story of TWA Flight 800 where all 230 people onboard died when the Boeing 747 exploded off the coast of Long Island on its way to Paris. It's told from his perspective as both a pilot for the airline and as a family member left behind--my fiancee Susanne was onboard. 

You can find out more about him here: and listen to his novel Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun here and at Podiobooks

More big news is that I'll be back next month to give you my story "To the Bone" which is featured in The Booked Anthology. You can get it here on Amazon or from the guys at the Booked Podcast directly. Visit their website: and once there, look for the Store Link in the upper right. Then use the code "CRIMEWAV" to get 50% off the anthology's eBook. You heard right! 50% off. Go get yours!

Stay Criminal!


CrimeWAV for August: Court Merrigan

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." -- Call that the tagline for Court Merrigan. At least it's the tagline for his website.

This month brings you TWO stories from Court: "Dogs at the Door" and "Our Mutual Friend." How's that for a solution to your crime story jones?

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We left you alone for July and apologize. Vacation, don't you know? Now we're BACK and planning to bring the fury through the fall. 

Big news on the episode is that CrimeWAV will have a new guest host for a while, more great stories are on the way and YOU are the listener of the month. Enjoy it! 

This month's promo is for J.M. Porup's book and podcast, The Second Bat Guano War, which is HERE on Podiobooks for your listening pleasure. Be sure to check it out. Great stuff!

If you're interested in working on YOUR crime fiction writing, maybe you'll be interested in taking this online class with me through Stanford Continuing Studies: Writing Mysteries and Thrillers: How to Craft Successful Plot, Action, and Characters. If you have any questions about the class, drop me a line and I'll be happy to answer. Registration starts on 8/19 and since this is online you can take it from ANYWHERE in the world! No excuses!

Here's more about Court: Court Merrigan's short story collection MOONDOG OVER THE MEKONG (Snubnose) was released in 2012 and he's got short stories out in Thuglit, Needle, Weird Tales, Plots With Guns and a bunch of others.  After a decade in the Far East, he lives in Wyoming with his family, where he is a committed regionalist and contrarian. He is represented by Adriann Ranta, currently shopping his debut novel, THE THREE DAYS & NIGHTS OF LAMAR TILDEN. See more at

*FIXED*--CrimeWAV for June: Johnny Shaw reads "Luck"!

Welcome to the **FIXED** June edition of CrimeWAV. I’m very happy to feature my friend, and label mate from Thomas & Mercer, Johnny Shaw on this month’s show.

Click here to download or listen to the right and edited version of “Luck” by Johnny Shaw.

Johnny Shaw was born and raised in the Desert Southwest on the Calexico/Mexicali border, the setting for his novels, DOVE SEASON and BIG MARIA. He is also the creator and editor of the online fiction quarterly BLOOD & TACOS, a loving homage to the men’s adventure paperbacks of the 1970′s & 1980′s.  And for you audio aficionados, check out the Blood & Tacos Podcast.

His short stories have appeared in Blood & Tacos, Plots With Guns, Thuglit, and in a number of anthologies. The story "Luck" first appeared in Thuglit #1, edited by Todd Robinson, another awesome writer and friend of the show. Be sure to check out Todd’s book, The Hard Bounce, when you’re looking for something awesome!

Johnny lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Spinetingler Award-nominated artist Roxanne Patruznick.

You can find him online at or follow him on Twitter @BloodAndTacos

Johnny, Tyler Dilts, Eric Beetner, Gary Phillips, Paul Bishop and myself will be talking crime and hardboiled noir at the California Crime Writers Conference later this month in Pasadena. Come on out if you’re close by.

I’m also happy to present a promo on this week’s show for Mark Berry and his podcast Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun. Find it and listen now on

Thanks for listening. I’ll be back next month with a story from Court Merrigan

Out now: In Broad Daylight!


IN BROAD DAYLIGHT is out today! Listen here for my Short Audio Missive about the new release!

You can get it online from Amazon in Paperback and eBook, as well as signed copies at Borderlands Books (info here). I hope you'll pick up a copy!

There are THREE WAYS you can help me make this a big release:

1) Pick up a copy! Go ahead, for Kindle it's just five bucks!

2) Drop a sweet review of In Broad Daylight on Amazon or Goodreads. Do this only if you've already listened to the podcast or read a preview.

3) Help spread the word on social media! Spread links on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, etc. Rock and roll with me! Tell one person or fifty!

What else? Well, I'm holding a contest at all week (at least). Comment here to let me know which main character you'd like to see in the next book I write and/or tell me why YOU deserve a free, autographed copy of In Broad Daylight on your shelf. I'll be picking 3-5 winners soon!

Coming May 7th: In Broad Daylight! And your spot for autographed copies!

This is IT: your own host Seth Harwood's newest novel IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, which you've heard right here on the WAV, will be available on Kindle and in paperback starting May 7th!

Easiest way to get your copy is right here at in either Paperback (YES!) or for Kindle (You know it!) or... for a few extra bones, you can get an inscribed paperback copy via Borderlands Books [Gotta Have It!] by following the instructions HERE.

Check it, check it! Here's the full description of the book:

FBI agent Jess Harding treks back to Anchorage to hunt down a sadistic killer who's reemerged from a five-year hiatus--a killer who has already slipped her grasp once before. The endless days of an Alaskan summer can't thwart the fiend's plans as he slashes his way through the rural community, where everyone knows your name and always distrusts the outside. With the help of Oscar Linstrom, an old colleague who wants to be more than friends, Jess attempts to immerse herself in the area's culture, leading her to a strange rural village inhabited by Russian Old Believers hell-bent on protecting their way of life. Even the locals are outsiders to the Old Believers, and Jess needs a safehaven in the glare of daylight because a blood-stained message left at the scene of the most recent murder says Jess is no longer the hunter--but the hunted.


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