Jed Ayres returns with Mahogany and Monogamy!

FierceFierceGreetings, Earthling! We have overtaken the CrimeWAV blog to bring you SpaceyThompson and his story Mahogany and Monogamy! 

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Spacey Thompson is AKA Jed Ayres, the author of Fierce Bitches and A Fuckload of Shorts. You can find more about him here at Fierce Bitches is out from Crime Factory Publications. Check them out here:

This story, Mahogany & Monogamy is "the bomb." You'll dig it!

Next up for April is Johnny Shaw. Stay tuned!

Also, over at, we had a contest to see who'd win two ARC copies of In Broad Daylight. Listen here to find out who gets 'em!

You can also enter NOW to win a copy or three right here by commenting on this post! Or, call the K7 line: 206 350-4998 to say why YOU need a copy. Winners will be announced in the next episode.

The Amazon page for In Broad Daylight is here. It's out May 7th. Stay tuned and/or preorder yours now!

Stay Criminal!


In Broad Daylight ARC

I have been waiting to get my hands on this book since I first read you were going to Alaska and I knew you'd use the experience to tell a wonderful tale. My wife and I live in Anchorage and I've been waiting for a phyisical copy of this book so I could share it with my wife who isn't an audio listener. Do I deserve the book more than anyone else of course not, but I really hope I get it.
Thanks so much,
-FG Jones