Episode 24 - The Numbers Game

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Craig Clevenger is the author of two outstanding novels, The Contortionist's Handbook and Dermaphoria.

Released in 2002, The Contortionist's Handbook has been a slow, but steady sales climber and has been translated into many languages. Authors Chuck Palahnuik and Irvine Welsh have praised this book and Clevenger's neo-noir writing style. Last year Handbook was optioned for the big screen.

Dermaphoria was released in 2005 and was Craig's "problem child" as they were not on speaking terms for periods of time or in a state of writer euphoria during good times. The first manuscript met its demise by paper shredder.

Craig is currently on work on his third novel based upon the short story called The Fade

This week's story, The Numbers Game, is featured in the recently released San Francisco Noir 2: The Classics.

You can check out Craig and his work at his website or follow him on his online discussion site THE VELVET

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Cabin Fever

Loved the concept, the setting makes it easy to really feel the depth of Johnny Pharaoh's paranoia. Loved that he scooped out his brain! haha


'The silence was deafening, my head screamed for sanity which was stuck clawing at the roof of my skull, scrawling the horror deeper so I would never forget her face, which was frozen, trapped between a whisper and a concave scream.'


Fascinating story structure, amazing story. Can't wait to hear more from Craig.


I read some very interesting interviews with Craig Clevenger.You can find them in mookychick.co.uk and in his official website.

Craig Clevenger Interviews Sara Gran

There is an interview kicking around in beatrice.com archives.  He did a rock solid interview of Gran.  Definately worth checking out the title is simply: Craig Clevenger Interviews Sara Gran.
Thanks Jack007 for giving me a heads up about this site!